gin club bw (19)The Glasgow Gin Club started as two friends (Caldo & Squirrel) buying good Gin, bringing it round to each others houses and drinking it while forcing YouTube videos on one another.  Soon we were joined by Caldo’s cousin Kate. Once we started posting about the Gins we were drinking people began asking to come to Gin Club…..here it began. Of course we had to establish some rules, but we decided one was enough, No Gordon’s Allowed.

About us (if you’re interested)….


Welcome and let me introduce myself, I am a man who goes by two names Caldo and Stuart. I am the elder statesman and instigator of  many a Gin Club get together. Probably the most prolific Gin drinker in the club who has a weakness for buying bottles of Gin he hasn’t seen before. I shouldn’t be allowed in the Good Spirit Company alone. My dream is to create a gin/tequila hybrid.



Graeme Macdonald or Squirrel to everyone else in the world other than his mother.

Born 15/02/1984. The youngest of four, with three older sisters – this is the excuse for his feminine outlook on life and his ability to talk and take no nonsense from girls.

Grew up in the tiny town of Alyth Perthshire. Went to school with fellow Gin Clubber Stuart Lorne John Caldow, where he thought he was annoying and liked hockey too much. He also secretly thought he fancied boys.

Went to University in Dundee at Abertay where he achieved an Honours Degree in Psychology just like a million other people in the UK.  It was at University he discovered his love of Gin, if we’re being precise, when drinking it to impress an attractive blonde girl from Perth (nothing happened).

Moved to Glasgow to persue his music career.  Still working on that one.



I’m Kate (Gill) also go by “Caldo’s Cousin” – he’s pretty famous in this neck of the woods. The lady scientist who’s actual day job is a Medicinal Chemist, think lab coat and bunsen burner, not Paracetemol and prescriptions. I also hail from Perthshire but from a tiny village that probably isn’t even on the map. Arrived in the West fresh faced to study Chemistry at the University of Glasgow and am still here 9 years later. Formed my relationship with Gin when I discovered Vodka made me angry – nobody ever got hurt I’m 5’3″- never looked back.

As the newest member I may trail slightly on the expertise front but don’t lack in curiosity, love or enthusiasm for the spirit. Squirrel says I’m a clinical writer – don’t blame me, blame the science. The boy’s would probably say I’m sometimes too serious for Gin Club but someone has to keep them in line…..or at least try to.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello Glasgow Gin Club.
    My name is Eileen, I’m the manager of Gin71 on Renfield Street.
    I just wanted to let you guys know about our winter gin festival we’re holding from the 11th until the 18th of February.
    We have events almost every night with special guests from Martin Miller, Sipsmith, Pickerings, Makar, Edinburgh Gin and Darnley’s View.
    All of the information and tickets are available at gin71.com/gin-festival.
    If you have any other questions, please just drop me an e-mail at eileen@gin71.com.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Gin People! Just wanted to say how much my friends and I loved our first taste(!)t of the gin club. We were the three “oldies” who were there until the bitter end! You were very welcoming and we had a lovely time. We WILL be back. Jen, Ailsa & Maddy xx

    • Jen thank you so much. You ladies were brilliant. I notice there wasn’t a bottle of Minus33 on the table hehe… Swipped was it. Oh well its off to a good home. Email us your details and I will add you all to the mailing list for the free events. glasgowginclub@gmail.com.

      Hopefully we will see you all at the next event.



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