Botanist Foraging Event – 4th July

So this week’s Blog is a very brief one and it is going to be dedicated to our Foraging event.

So on the 4th July we are hosting along with The Botanist a foraging event.  But what does that mean, well hopefully you know that 22 of the botanicals which are in The Botanist are made up with wild plants (flowers, weeds, berries etc) which grow in the area around the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay.  Because of this The Botanist often take their brand ambassadors and mixologists on foraging events along with these amazing tweed packs, which contain trowels, vials, tools and a foraging guide (which we will be giving out at our event too).  At these events those who attend get taken on a wee walk where they are shown how to identify much of the botanicals which make up The Botanist and how to gather (forage) them for use in drinks, distilling and food (I’ve been using Sorrel in salads).


Our event will be exactly the same it will start at the Botanic gardens then walk through Kelvingrove park, stopping along the way to forage for wild ingredients which are used in the production of The Botanist and for botanicals which can be used to garnish or make Gin cocktails with.

The foraging event walk will finish at the Kelvingrove Café on Argyle Street where the lovely Mixologist Danny Whelan will walk you through The Botanist.

What do you get for your ticket:

Obvious the foraging walk, where you get taught how to forage.

Your foraging guides

Brand talk on The Botanist – along with a neat serve

Three Gin and Tonics using the Botanist all garnished with the ingredients foraged that day


Then upstairs at the Kelvingrove Café for a Botanist foraged Cocktail (devised by Danny Whelan)


Tickets for this event will be very limited as numbers have to be small.

Here’s the link for tickets (Golden ticked doesn’t include this sadly):

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