Minus 33 – Not the average summer temperature this year!

For our second July Gin, we look to the East…  Of Scotland.  Sadly we haven’t found a Gin from Japan or China, there probably is and we at Gin Club have not found them yet.

Anyway Minus 33 our second “Gin” (Why this is in quotation marks will be explained in due course) is crafted by scientist at the Locabev Laboratory in Rosyth.  Yes this Gin is really made in a lab.

So why did we use “Gin”?  Well if any of you read this regularly then you should know the rules.  And I don’t mean the NO Gordon’s rule.  But the Government rules of what defines a Gin.  In the EU, the minimum bottled alcoholic strength for gin, distilled gin, and London gin is 37.5% ABV.  However Minus 33 comes in at 33% so technically does not qualify even though it ticks all of the boxers of what is a Gin.  It is a Juniper distilled spirit (which is also one of their taglines).

After 3 years and 539 test tubes of experimentation Locabev decided that the optimum strength for a really smooth spirit was 33%.  This also makes it the perfect drink for those on a diet as that makes it just 46 calories per serve..

To taste Minus 33 it is fresh and floral with hints of juniper, citrus, lavender, elderflower and angelica.  We had the pleasure of sampling it at the Juniper Fest a few months ago and went back several times (rude not too).

We haven’t decided on how we are serving this on Friday though.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet them please follow the link below.


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