Avenue Coffee’s Cold Brew Gin & Tonic

So at this months Gin Club we are going to get a special little visit from Katelyn Thomson at Avenue G (Avenue Coffee Roaster) on Byres Road and Great Western Road.  Katelyn is going to be letting anyone who is around on Friday the 23rd at our October event try a Cold Brew Gin & Tonic.  Combining coffee and gin – marvelous.


I will let Katelyn do the talking now:

Avenue Coffee Roasting Co. is a small independent roastery that has popped up in Glasgow’s West End a year ago. We are part of Avenue G Cafe, which now has two locations in the West End well known for its great food and great coffee. We started in speciality coffee a few years ago but making great coffee wasn’t enough for us, which is why we bought an IR-12 Diedrich roaster and starting roasting our own high quality green beans. We set up with one simple aim – we want to make great coffee and share it with as many people as we could. We are always exploring new ideas in the coffee world and our latest one is cold brew gin & tonic, in hopes to open up a cocktail bar in the future.

Cold Brew in relatively new to Glasgow. It’s meant to bring out sweetness from the coffee verses the bitterness by coarsely grinding coffee and letting it brew for a long period of time in cold filter water, then filtered. At Avenue Coffee we let the cold filter water and coarsely ground coffee brew for 20 hours then filtered twice to get the finished product. We are using our Fazenda Ouro Verde from Brazil; which gives us a lot of nut, caramel and chocolate taste notes.

To get a great tasting cold brew gin & tonic we’ve tested it out on different gins based on taste notes and how they pair together. The gin we’ve used to pair with our cold brew is Caorunns garnished with an apple slice. This is a great one for us because our cold brew has tasty notes of nut, caramel and chocolate which we feel is highlighted when paired with something that has a delicate sweetness. Apples. The cold brew, Caorunns , tonic and apple pairs beautifully creating a pleasant cocktail that has similarities to a caramel apple with hints of chocolate.

We have some tickets still available for the October event at the Hidden Lane Tea Room on the 23rd, follow the link below:




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