Gin Club / Paint Club

So we have another wee sneaky event to launch for June.

We are marrying up with The Paint Club Scotland, to do a joint fun painting and Gin tasting night.

Below is a lovely wee post about the night from Sara the Organiser:

“So some say painting and drinking isn’t a good idea.. we think otherwise. A little liquid courage does’t hurt anybody, especially when it’s Gin.
The Paint Club Scotland is a new concept that encourages everyone and anyone to pick up a paintbrush after a busy day at work and try their hand
at painting along with the help of an artist. We host these evenings to allow people who have had a hard day at work to relax, catch up with friends.. but more
importantly have some fun trying something new.
This concept is big in the states, so we thought why not bring it here, to Scotland, and give it a Scottish twist. The night starts with a drink on us- of course. Don’t worry if you have never painted,
or even thought about painting before, we have you covered. Our wonderful artist will take you step- by- step through the evenings painting (in this case the Duke of Wellington). We provide all of your painting
supplies, canvas and even some brightly coloured aprons.
Over the course of the evening there will be four Gins served (maybe something about the types of Gin here)”
Thanks Folks

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