Gin, Geraldo & Paints

So I know we have already posted a blog on the painting element, but we don’t have any events this month as we are being lazy so we are getting in on the act with other people.

Whats on this weekend and beyond in the Gin World (please someone give us a better word like Ginosphere or something).

Well first of all on Friday the lovely ladies of the Glasgow Paint Club (original title who would ever do the same :)) and us are doing a Gin and Painting event.

The Girls at Paintclub create a lovely relaxed and social atmosphere, where their professional artist will guide you through the evening’s painting.  Last time it was the “painting the Duke of Wellington”, which to my surprise was not a cocktail or a euphemism.  This time it is a Stag, which might look great on your wall.  And of course we at Gin Club will be providing you with four Gins to accompany the night.

You don’t need any experience to take part, I (Graeme) managed it and I am terrible at painting and drawing.  Glass in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, you might surprise yourself!

Included in the ticket is Four Gins, a canvas (which is yours to keep), paints, paintbrushes, a table easel and instruction from our talented artist.. banter included free of charge! Food and drinks will be available for purchase from the venue.

Tickets at:

In Largs Vegas on the 19th Geraldo’s Gin Festival.  

Geraldo’s Gin Fest is taking place in The Brisbane House Hotel, on the seafront of Largs on 19th November from 12 – 6pm.  There will be around 15 gin producers there offering tastings of their various expressions of gin and some will be doing masterclasses for all of the gin professionals out there.  There will be a free gin cocktail on arrival, chocolate tasting, prize draw with more goodies, live music and a stall selling all of the gins featured at the event.


Tickets are on sale via eventbrite:


it’s being organised by Sugar & Spice a retailer in Largs.  Owner Toni Dawson has been in business since 2000 and has decided to rebrand utilising her award-winning Geraldo’s Ice Cream which will be the new name of the shop hence the festival name.


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