Piping Live 2017

Right so not the most associated title with Gin and all things Gin related. It is however very apt for associating pipe music and booze, as Pipe Bands and my fellow Teuchters love a good session. (At Glasgow Gin Club we do not promote excessive drinking just the art of social drinking).

So, last year we (Stuart and Me) hosted two Gin Clubs in George Square for Pipping live where we had four lovely gins down to promote themselves to the pipping (open to all) world.

And last year we said this:

“The spectacular evening is part of this year’s Piping Live! Festival, the world’s biggest week of piping which sees over 50,000 people flock to Glasgow to enjoy over 200 events throughout the city”.

“Piping Live! is a week-long celebration of bagpipes and traditional music, taking place between 8 – 14 August. It brings over 50,000 music fans to Glasgow and sees over 200 events, with over 8,000 performers, take place in various venues across the city”

Just in case anyone didn’t know what the event was.

This year Piping live takes place from the 7th -13th August and we will be running two events, the first on Wednesday 9th from 5pm at the National Piping Centre, where there will be four of the finest Gins there to let to drink their wares and buy things, along with food and all the other great things happening in the Piping Centre that evening.


The second event takes place on the 11th, again in the National Piping Centre from 6pm.


Tickets are £15.

We would love to see you all there.


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