We are still here

So I keep meaning to right another blog.  I was meant to do a whole host of blogs from the Scottish Gin Awards, but life ended up busy again.

At the end of September I ended up with a new job in Perth, which I had been after for ages as we had moved to Broughty Ferry (selling our lovely cottage in scotstoun – someone give me money to buy it again as second home please).

At the same time to adapting to people driving and walking slower in Perth (yes they do), Stuart and I noticed that every week and weekend there was another gin even and another and another.  Our little event had been recreated over and over all over the country.  Randomly I seemed to be helping other gins at these events.  So we didn’t know how if our market was saturated and thought “let’s give the events a wee miss for a while”.  

We were meant to start up again in November but the market stayed busy and no one wants another night out over Christmas.

Anyway now that that little explainarion is out of the way we will be back to full swing and starting back next week we will be back with the blog and our future event announcements.

Starting next week will be the first of our gin Xmas gifts.

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