Caorunn and Fentimans

We appear to be rubbish at posting things with the “scheduled function”.  Posting a blog at 1am expecting it to be out a week later and with a photo of a present my sister wants me to bug my niece for Christmas.  Nothing new there.

I also have this backwards as these things will sell out no doubt and should have done these posts well before now.

So our friends Fentimans have teamed up with Caorunn to create the Caorunn Christmas crackers (Say it with an Irish accent it makes it feel better).

I hope I don’t have to tell anyone anything about both Caorunn or Fentimans as we have harped on about both several times over the years.

This wee cracking idea came about as Fentimans launched their mixer cans.  Which are smaller versions of the bottles they have which we all know and love, with the objective of being more appealing at just being a drinks mixer over the main even.  To me Fentimans is often the main event though.  

So to help launch the mixer cans, Fentimans have teamed up with Caoruun Gin and launched their Christmas Crackers.

In the cracker you get three things:

150ml of Fentimans Tonic

Caorunn miniature

A gin and tonic scented candle.
These retail at £12 and can be found here:

There is limited stock available though. So get cracking (see what I did there)!

Fentimans also have mixer cans of the light tonic, pink grapefruit tonic, ginger ale and the normal tonic.

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