A long session 

A couple of things to keep you updated!  First we had a gin club the other week and it’s was so hot we decided to do it outside in the lane.  Secondly I helped out at the Edinburgh Juniper Festival and it got out of hand.

So on the 26th May we had our second main Gin Club of 2017.  With mixed emotions the Gin world is getting really busy, events all over the place (not bad news for Gin Lovers tbh) but for us we thought we would Buck the trend and do less.  Btw we are taking full credit for being the first event of its type in Scotland.  

A rather nice Gin Club in May though, it was sunny enough to be outside the whole night.  Which is a good thing as being inside the Tea Room on a sunny day is tough, hot ovens and a roof that absorbs heats causes sweaty drinkers.  In May we featured Darnleys View, an old favourite of ours. We also had Larios Rose, one of Spain’s most popular Gins, East London Gin and an old favourite of my teenage years, Xoriguer Mahon Gin.  I’ll post full blogs on all the gins and how we served them too.

This weekend was the Edinburgh Juniper Festival.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially what we do but way bigger.  And a lot of gins, it’s pretty much the cheapest way to drink lots of amazing drink over an afternoon or evening. 

So me (Graeme) was tasked with helping out our old friend Ru from Fentimens (formerly Rock Rose), providing tastings on all the mixers they do.  The best bit about it was that I had a bottle of every gin in the place to mix it with.  It did mean explaining to people I couldn’t just let you try the gin you needed to have the mixer first.  Stupidly I also decided that I would start sampling these gins (not that I hadn’t before) from 12pm.  

The mix of sugar and lots of Gin made me a bit bold.  I think at one point I said a woman laughed like Chick Young, I accused a brother and sister of incest, accidentally of course.  Don’t worry I was lovely too.  Even to the ladies that didn’t like the most amazing commotion of Gin and Mixer ever which is Brockmans and the Fentimens Pink Grapefruit Tonic.  

I think that combo sent me on the fabled path of destruction.. Which ended at 4am.  Along the way some other Brand reps spilt two of my pints, one gin, I smashed a pint.  Shared some of the bottles I had carried with me and oh missed a few trains.

This weekend might be a repeat! Juniper festival Glasgow is on.  I’m helping at another event in Dundee for Minus 33.