A Gin Bar And A Barn

So….Brew At The Bog feels like almost like a century ago now (slight exaggeration), but things have been so busy with Gin Club that we are only just getting round to telling you about it now. Put simply, we had an amazing day! The Gin Bar looked incredible, the staff went above and beyond and the Gins were literally flying off the shelf, I think almost all had sold out by the end of the day. We really were taken aback by the intrigue and interest in what we’re up to and about Gin in general – turns out our fascination maybe isn’t so crazy?! Anyway, Brew you have inspired us and hopefully (fingers crossed) we’ll be bringing our Gin vision back home to Glasgow very soon!

I had the best intentions of documenting the whole thing in photographic form, only to realise that I had left my memory card in some unknown place that is still to be identified, cue ridicule from the boys. The iPhone functioned as an emergency back up, but I can only apologies for the poor attempt that follows.

A few final credits; To This Silent Forest who powered through on a drenched and fittingly named Pond Stage, battling with just a few minor technical difficulties and to Yvonne for allowing us to be part of The Gin Bar in the Barn….


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