The London Gin Club

As I get on the train back from London (with a just small hangover), I feel I should tell you all about my new happy place – The Star in London which between 6 and 11 becomes The London Gin Club.


Having to travel to London for the week, I knew I had to go and check this place out, it would just be plain rude not to visit the home of The London Gin Club.

Situated in the centre of London, maybe 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus and down a side street, there is a little bar on the corner, which you might just miss if you weren’t looking. Thankfully I had trusty Google Maps to show me the way.

Upon finding the place, we were greeted and asked if we had a reservation – we did not, but luckily they were happy to sit us at the end of the bar so we could get our well-deserved Gin. The lovely Kate (not our one) came over, told us a little bit about the bar, showed us the menu and helped us decide upon what to drink. By decide, she basically told us where to start, but I certainly can’t complain as she returned with 2 rather tasty Gin and Tonics; a King of Soho and Monkey 47. We sat on our stools at the end of the bar, me – with a grin from ear to ear like a kid in a candy shop.

After starting to work our way through the menu, we decided that we should get a taster selection – choosing to go for the over proof selection of strong Gins!


We were joined again briefly by Kate who chatted for a little about the Gins, before we got talking about Glasgow Gin Club. Then we were off, chatting and sharing Gin knowledge and giving them ideas of what else to stock. We sat and drank until they closed (obviously), in the end I was the last one to leave – I would have been quite happy to stay all night. I also got chatting to Deena who was working behind the bar, pouring and serving the Gins perfectly.

As the night drew to an end I headed off to the tube, still grinning like a Cheshire cat, having drank great Gins all night and making two new friends.

After having such a great time on the Thursday, I would have been gutted if I hadn’t popped back on the Friday for one last drink (which maybe turned into two but I wasn’t counting).


Turning up at about 10pm on Friday every table was taken, both upstairs and down, with everyone working really hard to keep the Gin flowing and keep people happy. We were lucky that a table had just become available before we arrived, so we said all our hello’s before grabbing a seat and ordering our first Gins of the night, when last orders were called we just had to get another.

Anyway, would like to say a huge thank you to everyone working both nights that we were in, you were all very informative and clearly love Gin as much as I do. Special thanks to Kate and Deena who looked after us so well and were lovely to chat to. Hopefully, we can see you again soon either down in London or up here when we have a little event of our own. Hope you all managed to get a staff drink after your busy Friday.

I would really recommend that anyone down in London visit this busy little place. With such a fine selection of drinks to choose from, some may find it difficult to make up their minds – but don’t worry they have a Gin “Wheel of Chance” to help you decide – next time I’m down I’m spinning it all night.



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