Februarys Gin Club

So the February Gin Club has been and gone.  I might keep this blog short and no doubt it will end up be nothing but praise for the all the Gins involved.

So Friday night started off in our usually way, once again we were minus Kate (this is to make her guilty), she had no excuse this time, no ski trips, no posh boys to hang out with :). And so Stuart (Caldo) and I were thinking “bugger it we will cope”.  Then everyone decided to turn up earlier! Haha thanks Gin Clubbers for causing me to think about being stressed.  Those of you who know me will know I have tried very hard my whole life to not look bothered about anything other than bands I don’t like or my aversion to positive campaigns that involve a three letter word and ignore all counter arguments.

So anyway I was contemplating being stress, Stuart and I were still in our T-shirts, the Garnishes were yet to be cut and essentially we were not ready to go.  It was 7pm you keen keen bunch.  Luckily for you there are fathoms of tea, coffee and cake.  Then by 7:30 we were ready, and you all arrived at the same time.  Then my ever increasing bald patch started saying “oh yay time to grow”.

Boom!!! Don’t think so; cue Irish Ger the man that had just turned up because last week when Gin’d Out Caldo and I say “yeah just… Come… Along…” and he did.  And he served and saved the day.  You all got your gin.

So thank you Ger.

I think this was our busiest one yet. Don’t know why but I think it might have something to the do with the volume of Gin and the length people stayed.  For starters Edinburgh Gin brought their entire stock catalogue for tasting, which everyone did and they brought a mini still to make Cannonball gin.  It’s fair to say there were a lot of merrier Gin lovers.

Some thank you.

The Gin Brands you were amazing.  Jamie (Burleighs), Finlay (Edinburgh) and Ruaridh (Rock Rose).  We love it when reps from the brands come along.  You guys really made Gin Club all that more special, our knowledge on the Gin we serve are limited to what we read and what we get to share depends on how much time we have while running the event, but you all walked round and shared you knowledge and love of your products to every table.  Ruaridh no idea why your Rock Rose empty bottles are in such high demand (folks if you get a chance try some Rock Rose jam and randomly scope it with a massive chunk of random herb).

Just to remind you all we had:

Burleighs Gin

Rock Rose

Edinburgh Cannonball (and all the rest)

Whitley Neill

Some more thanks, obviously you the guests for coming.  Carly Morrison our licensee. The hidden lane and your amazing food.  Ger.  The Gins.  Malky who didn’t turn up and of course the tiny person taking photos called Fiona Mckinlay, she jumped in at the last minute and I always owe her favours

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2 thoughts on “Februarys Gin Club

  1. Hi – do you have a date for April yet? Can’t make March but we’d like to make sure we get tickets for April. Cheers,

    • Alison sorry I just seen this. No we dont have a date for April and it might be early May now. We are going to be launching our dedicated events soon though which are smaller and focus on one gin served multiple ways and a bit more brand informative.



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