Malawi Gin Club

See every time I go write something these days I always start with “sorry for the lateness”, It feels as though it has been an age since writing a blog post for Gin Club and our May event is this week too. So there will be a few Blogs.

In March I was emailed by a rather tenacious lady called Catherine about helping her with an “event” for her dentist trip to Malawi and for some reason despite my potty mouth and general grumpy demeanor I’m a complete sap and said “of course, anything”. So I took it upon myself to organise a Gin Club specially for her.

She emailed most weeks, nervous that I wasn’t being forthcoming with the planning information and all I would say back is “Don’t worry it will be sorted”. I’m pretty sure this lazy management style doesn’t suit her, but she went along with it.

So on the 5th of May we had our Gin Club, featuring Eden Mill, Edinburgh Gin and Minus 33 and we raised over £2k.

Now at this point I will use Catherine’s own words (Probably her husbands though) to describe what the event was for.

Smileawi is a Scottish Dental charity based in Dunoon set up by Nigel and Vicki Milne. Catherine and 2 members of her team (Kate Steele and Caroline Turner) from Belhaven Dental Surgery in Port Glasgow will travel to Malawi this September with other volunteers. The aim is to provide dental care for approximately 2 weeks in the northern areas of Malawi where there is no access to any dental care. The charity relies on qualified dentists, dental therapists and dental nurses to volunteer their time and skills by travelling to Malawi to help the locals with their teeth. All volunteers are completely self- funded with trips normally lasting 16 days and costing approx. £1500 per volunteer. For me, this is big deal and something Catherine has wanted to help with since hearing about the charity a few years ago.

Smileawi website –

Right and now on to my own plugging.

May Gin Club for those not going to Malawi or helping raise money, we are back in the Hidden Lane on the 26th May.

BTW there is still a link for TicketWeb saying we have no events. Hopefully that doesnt confuse folks.



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