Juniper festival Glasgow

We are not one to promote other people’s events but Martin at Solid Liquids launched Juniper Fest at the same time as our “joke that went too far” was born (I’ll get drunk and say he stole said idea, but that’s lies).

Juniper Festival is one of the great spirit events in the country and one of the originals.  Our market in Gin Events is getting some what saturated with a Gin thing here and another thing there with folk wanting to cash in on the juniper pound.  But Juniper Festival was there at the start.  

Last week I got more mixed up than Britney Spears at the Edinburgh event while I worked for a popular soft drinks brand (look at us going all BBC Radio). I was sampling every Gin and mixing them with all the products at my disposal, it was essentially the table to be.  

You really do get to taste and learn as much or as little as you like at Juniper Festival.  Also without sounding too scummy it’s one of the cheapest nights out you can have 

The Glasgow event is happening from 9 to 10 June from 5pm to 10pm at the SWG3 venue in Eastvale Place. Which is divided into various sessions on Saturday and Sunday. 

Tickets are on sale priced from £21.50 and can be purchased
Or there are tickets at the door.

We will be there drinking and chatting. Stealing more drink that we are allowed.

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